Aesthetic treatment is completely different from treating disease. Each woman is like a work of art, the Aesthetician is the one who “sculpts” the work so that her beauty can be sublimated

Attended international and prestigious conferences in the world of Cosmetology community, an official member of the International Association of Dermatologist, Doctor have a large network of connections with doctors / specialists. The world’s leading Doctors in Aesthetic Medicine such as:

  • Dr. Micheal Gold (USA)
  • Dr. Anedson Aires (Brazil)
  • Dr. Hervé Raspaldo (France)
  • Dr. Yoo Jung Seok (South Korea)
  • Dr. Prach Phuengchetsada (Thailand)
  • Dr. Sky Wong (Hong Kong)
  • Dr. Peter Peng (Taiwan)
  • Dr. Oyashiki (Japan)

Thanks to the professional support through online consultation with international doctors and also thanks to the doctors who allowed A&A to be mentioned in this article, the difficult beauty cases at A&A can be achieved. successful, providing the most objective and perfect solution for each customer.