28 August, 2018
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28 August, 2018

PicoWay is the latest non-surgical, non-invasive laser treatment

Syneron Medical Ltd., a leading global aesthetic device company, announced today that the PicoWay® picosecond laser received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

PicoWay is a dual wavelength picosecond laser that is used to remove the pigmentation, pigmented nevus, and benign pigment lesions on the skin and tattoo removal, especially with the recalcitrant tattoos, multi-colored tattoos

PicoWay often results in fewer removal treatments than the typical Q-Switched lasers

Since the PicoWay technology uses acoustic energy, or sound waves, instead of thermal energy (heat), the procedure can be performed on people with darker skin, like Asians and African Americans.

We can use PicoWay on most body areas like the face, chest/decolletage, hands, arms and legs. Includes:


Sun Damage


Acne Scars

Brown Spots

Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

 Age Spots

Liver Spots


Dark Patches and Spots

Generalized Discoloration

Rough Skin Texture Due to Aging

There were no treatment complications, and PicoWay treatments were generally associated with no discomfort to mild discomfort for the majority of treatments.

The number of treatments needed to see dramatic improvement in your skin will vary depending upon your goals as well as what caused your skin discoloration and/or skin roughness.

After you have completed a PicoWay treatment, you should make sure to apply sunscreen and can return to normal activities as desired.


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