Stem Cell therapy

16 April, 2018
Anti – aging
15 August, 2018

Japan’s Human stem cell therapy is a unique formula that combines over 50 years of Russian medical research and Japanese modern scientific breakthroughs, along with state-of-the-art modern technology. This stem cell power product is produce as the most effective cells product in today’s market, manufactured in a cutting-edge and sterile laboratory located in Tokyo’s Ginza district. This is designed following the high end standards for cellular production and therapy.

The role of stem cell is to maintain and repair the tissue in which they reside. In the event of major injury or degeneration, the need for MSCs far exceeds the amount found in the tissue.

Compared to stem cells coming from adipose, embryo, umbilical, etc: Bone marrow stem cells are shown to be more effective at treating diseases and regenerating the body.



Larger in size

Greater in quantity and quality

Derived from young and healthy donors, greater vitality of cells

Engineered in sterilized clean rooms with cutting-edge technology

Handled only by certified specialist


  • Powerful tool in recovery process
  • Maintenance and repair the tissue in which they reside
  • Prolonged the health effects experienced in youth which restores, rejuvenates and slows down the aging process
  • Great potential for repair and regeneration not only on the skin even in hair
  • Improve overall physical condition

Indicated for the following:

  • Anti-aging or preventive therapy
  • Bio-revitalization- bring new vitality to the body
  • Skin diseases, burns and other wound processes
  • DISEASES: Neurological diseases, cardiovascular diseases, Disorder of Endocrine system, Recovery of damages in the joints, liver disease, allergy, Bronchial Asthma, Osteoarthritis of the knee, Systemic Lupus erythematous, immunodeficiency, chronic fatigue syndrome, TB treatment, menopause push back.


  • Pregnant and lactating women
  • Cancer patient


Each treatment is personalized towards individual’s health condition and needs. Whether it’s simply for cosmetic, anti-aging, preventive or if you have medical condition that needs to be treated. It is via Intravenous cellular therapy from 100-200mlns cells once a year depends on each condition. Patients who will undergo each therapy are instructed not to do any strenuous exercise week before the date of treatment.

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