Medical Director / Chief Surgeon at Thao Dien International Hospital (specializing in cosmetic surgery)

Phillip Thang Nguyen, MD,MSc

☑️ Head of Plastic Surgery Department of French-Vietnamese Hospital (FV Hospital)
☑️ Lecturer in Aesthetic Shaping Department of Medical University Pham Ngoc Thach City. HCM City.
☑️ Member of Vietnam Association of Surgery, Member of French Association of Plastic and Plastic Surgery (SFCPRE).
☑️ Official member of Ho Chi Minh City Plastic Surgery Association (HPASA)

Surgery is an important treatment option for a wide range of facial concerns from eyes to nose or whole face. For most patients surgery is a success, both in terms of the procedure itself and the care before and afterwards.

A&A now is taking a leap to provide a very safe environment to all our clients in case they prefer surgical procedures and now we are in partnership with Thao dien International Hospital.

At Thao Dien International Hospital, enjoy the confidence that comes from being cared for by an expert medical team which you will benefit from the highest level of experience, skill, care and sterile environment before and after surgery.