Micro focused lifting – Skin tightening

Ultrasound it is micro focused below the skin’s surface to cause cellular friction and precise, pin-point heating. The heated tissue cause immediate collagen contraction and denaturation, initiating aggressive collagen synthesis. The wound healing response stimulates long term tissue remodeling, leading to further lifting and tightening.


☑️ Multi-depth: It has a special advantage of having a specialized handpiece that is used to treat sensitive areas, like areas around the eyes and hence can be used to treat saggy eyes.
☑️ It projects uniform ultrasound beams directly to multiple target layers underneath the skin to promote tighter collagen formation, tissue contractions and reduction in the volume of adipocytes in bulgy areas of the body
☑️ Micro and Macro Focused Ultrasound-powered cartridges help address each concern through customized treatments to bring out the best in you.