Whatclinic Award 2020


A&A feel very honored to have earned the WhatClinic Patient Service Award three years in a row!

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Doctor Tran Ngoc Si


Aesthetic treatment is completely different from treating disease. Each woman is like a work of art, the Aesthetician is the one who “sculpts” the work so that her beauty can be sublimated

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Doctor Si’s Proprietary Techniques


Dr. Si is considered as an artisan in the field of aesthetic in Vietnam and is one of the few Vietnamese aesthetic doctors who are highly esteemed by the aesthetic association around the world for his abilities and contribution in aesthetic industry.

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Mắt biếc Actor Tran Phong


Changing the time after 2 weeks. Beautiful tips to help you have more radiant and perfect look like Tran Phong, an actor in one of the famous movie now in Vietnam entitled “Mat Biec” directed by Victor Vu.

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Ha Phuong returned to Dong Nai for charity along with Dr. Si


Cam Ly sister visited and gave gifts to an orphans in Long Thanh District. On this occasion, she organized a charity trip in Dong Nai Province.

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International Women’s day


International Women’s day has celebrated the economic, cultural, political and social achievements of women for more than 100 years. The day isn’t simply a celebration- it’s a call to action for everyone to continue to push for complete gender equality.

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Ha Phuong believes in Master, Dr. Tran Ngoc Si


Ha phuong shared that although she has lived and worked abroad for many years, she still believed in Master, Dr. Tran Ngoc Si and chooses A&A as a good beauty location.

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Billionaire singer Ha Phuong A&A’s ambassador


Billionaire Singer Ha Phuong A&A’s Ambassador Book a Consultation end of hero-capture Billionaire singer Ha Phuong is A&A International Aesthetic […]

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The New A&A International Aesthetic


A&A International Aesthetic Clinic founded by Dr. Tran Ngoc Si, MD, MSc have moved to a new facility, which offers an even larger selection of cosmetic products and aesthetic services, which is a new turning point in more than 20 years of his experience.

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Uncategorized Answers of Dr. Tran Ngoc Si about Filler


Women are more interested on injectable filler, cosmetic injection. Long before, when thinking about aesthetic, the only method each women knew is more on cosmetic surgery where knife is involve and procedures requires long hours of treatment and recovery.

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