Plastic Surgery

19 April, 2019


The perception of beauty and attractiveness is one of varying likes and pleasure. Undoubtedly, the eyes represent a key defining factor of facial attractiveness. The quest for everlasting beauty hinges on the appearance of the eyes. However, Most Asians lack a double eyelid fold and […]
19 April, 2019


A procedure use to maximize the harmony between the nose and any other facial features and it could create the ideal silhouette line without the complicated facial contouring procedure and the orthodontic. 2 types of procedures: Open Rhinoplasty and close rhinoplasty   Open Rhinoplasty It […]
19 April, 2019


Cheekbones are one of the most important features located at the center of the face, and therefore play an integral role in defining one’s overall facial appearance. If the cheekbones are excessively prominent, the face can appear to be bigger than its actual size, giving […]
19 April, 2019

Face lift

We, human tend to acquire an appearance that is pleasing for self and also to the society. Stereotyping of personality characteristics is quite often based on facial features. Variations in facial proportions within normal limits make a human face interesting. It is the harmony and […]
19 April, 2019


Genetically, Asians have larger jaw muscles. It might cause a round face look which you may look overweight and if squarish face would look too masculine. In other words, your face shape can make or break you. For this reason, we have available options that […]
22 April, 2019


Large breasts are a physical characteristic that is either regaled or minimized and hidden, depending on the culture in which you are raised. Breast size does not correspond to an increase in milk production or any other type of prowess. Large breast can be exacerbated […]
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