Face and Body Treatment

20 May, 2019


BACK ACNE EXFOLIATION This treatment mimics many of the traditional techniques used for the face, and incorporates deep cleansing, gentle steaming to open pores and lift impurities, followed by exfoliation and purifying mask. Benefits of Back facial acne exfoliation Cleansing Back acne exfoliations assist in […]
20 May, 2019


BODY CONTOURING Body contouring refers to a range of procedures such as: 4D full body shape handheld massage Laser lipo treatment Ultrasound cavitation & RF treatment It encompasses size and weight reduction, as well as re-shaping of certain areas of the body as follows: Abdomen […]
21 May, 2019

body massage

SPECIALIZED BODY HEALING ART THERAPY Body healing art therapy positively affects the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems of your body. These affects can help sports injuries, pre & post natal, lymphatic drainage, headaches, relieve acute or chronic physical injuries, improve health and is a leading […]
28 May, 2019


BODY POLISH TREATMENT There are many benefits to a body polish, it will exfoliate your skin, sloughing off dead skin cells and rubbing away hard and flaky skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth. It can be really invigorating as well, and improve the circulation […]
28 May, 2019

Body Wrap treatment

Body wrap also known as body mask is a treatment created to enhance the health and appearance of skin, and/or reduce body measurements. A nourishing oil or mineral-rich formula is applied to the limbs and torso before they are wrapped in cotton or plastic film. […]
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